Ylang Ylang trees (Conanga Odorata) are found throughout tropical regions with very fragrant flowers. The essential oil is clear to pale yellow in color with warm, exotic, sweet, heavy and sensual aroma.

Core Indications

Circulatory system: hypertension and tachycardia (heart palpitations) from acute stress

Reproductive/Endocrine system: male impotence, PMS, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea.

Skin: scalp tonic, stressed skin

Emotion: can help to reduce anxiety and depression, calming and balancing, post-traumatic stress syndrome

Human Studies
  • Inhalation of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil exhibits harmonizing activity
  • Dermal application exhibits relaxing effect
  • Inhalation of Ylang Ylang blended with Lavender Essential Oils is effective in reducing stress, sympathetic nervous system activity, lower blood pressure, and reducing cortisol levels. (The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2018)

• Ylang ylang and Anise oil in Coconut oil serves as effective treatment for head lice.
The natural remedy, which contained coconut oil, Anise essential oil and Ylang ylang essential oil, was applied to the hair of infested children three times at 5 day intervals. Each treatment lasted for 15 minutes. The control pediculicide was a spray formulation containing permethrin, malathion, piperonyl butoxide, isododecane and propellant gas, which was applied twice for 10 minutes with a 10-day interval between applications. Treatment was successful with the natural remedy in 60 children (92.3%) and with the control pediculicide in 59 children (92.2%).

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Written by Lena Isayev, B.A., C.A.

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