Calendula is a unique, gentle plant that's been used for centuries. It is native to Mediterranean countries. Honest & Pure high quality Calendula oil can be used both externally and internally:

1. Apply externally to wounds as an antiseptic, bacteriostatic (inhibits growth or multiplication of bacteria), and hemostatic.
Calendula can be used to treat minor scratches and serious lacerations, it prevents the appearance of pus and inflammation, encouraging the body to heal the tissues at its own pace. It has a specific affinity for swollen, hot, painful, pus-filled tissue, especially where there is no vent. According to research, Calendula has been shown to help activate the body’s own cells, which gobble-up foreign debris or invaders at the sight of infection then help to activate other defense mechanisms.

2. Internally it is therapeutic for swollen glands and lingering, unresolved infections, cleansing the lymphatic glands and ducts. It helps to resolve stagnation in the lymphatics from wounds, gland removal, or sickness.
3. Internally it lowers high enzyme counts from damaged liver
4. Internally it soothes the digestive mucosa and other mucus membranes
5. Internally it warms the stomach, drives heat to the periphery, thins fluids, and causes sweating in fever (antipyretic). Considered one of the best herbs for deep fever particularly when the bones hurt.
6. Internally it promotes menstruation,  really increases the life force in the pelvic region. It is therefore indicated for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

7. Internally it is a traditional European peasant tonic taken to prevent sickness in winter (immune tonic). It prepares for the stress of winter by removing old lymphatic congestion and lingering infections.

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Suggested Use: consult aromatherapy practitioner.

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Written by Lena Isayev, B.A., C.A.

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