My journey with essential oils began with an MLM company. I knew nothing about oils and after several months I had many unanswered questions so I decided to get Aromatherapy education. Although I already made rank with the company, the first professional course helped me realize that I no longer wish to continue distributing essential oils that are not organic at an unreasonably high price and from the company that refuses to provide quality reports to their customers.

At that point I planned on continuing my education to become an Aromatherapy educator. Little did I know that very soon God would grant me an opportunity to open my own store to provide organic, authentic and pure essential oils. Our store is currently in process of getting USDA certified and in the meantime,  we continue to source certified organic oils.

What is the difference between Organically and Conventionally grown plants?

Four main types of ways a plant can be grown:

Ethical Wild-crafted: plants that have been collected in the wild or in their native environment. Ethically wild-crafted means that a company or individual has taken care to insure that the “species can withstand harvesting and still proliferate.”
Cultivated: plants that are specifically grown to be distilled for essential oils.
Traditional/Conventional: plants that have been grown with the use of pesticides.

Organic: plants that have been grown without the use of pesticides and usually fulfill organic guidelines set out by independent agencies. Organic farming is not just the absence of pesticides, but the presence of an agricultural system that protects croplands, supports biodiversity, and respects the balance of nature rather than attempting to control it with powerful, often toxic synthetic chemicals.

Elena Isayev, B.A., C.A,

Owner and Founder of Honest & Pure

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