Lavender Lemonade

I tried Lavender Lemonade when I was at the Lavender farm and since then it has been my favorite drink!

Lavender Lemonade is a fragrant, refreshing drink as well as a good source of Vitamin C. It may also support weight loss, improve insulin resistance, improve skin quality, aid digestion, and freshen the breath.


6 tbsp dried organic Lavender flowers

6 tbsp organic maple syrup

2 organic lemons

1 cup boiling water

1,5 liter cold water

Ice cubes (optional)


Place lavender flowers and maple syrup in boiling water and stir well together. Infuse for over an hour. Strain the mixture and pour into a pitcher. Add lemon juice, cold water, ice cubes and mix well together.

Written by Lena Isayev, B.A., C.A.


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