Avocado oil, virgin

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Slightly processed and filtered to produce a lightly tinted natural material carrying minimal flavor and aroma, making this a suitable ingredient for cosmetic formulations.

1 review for Avocado oil, virgin

  1. tatianatoindiana (verified owner)

    Avocado oil. Very thick and rich. I use it twice a day, morning and evening on a wet face. My dry skin is eating it all. I used to always rub my face with avocado seeds to soak my face. I was looking for a remedy to soak and nourish my skin, I found it! I loved the avocado oil. I advise all men, women and children with dry skin to massage this avocado oil from Honest & Pure onto their face. And you won’t need any cream. I love the price of this oil and the quality. And yet, thanks for the incredible attentive custom service!

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