Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil, Wild

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This is our highly sought-after, utterly delightful Omani Sacred Frankincense essential oil. It’s beautiful with those sweet floral sparkles in their crackling pine-like forest. You’ll smell the desert, the wadis, the thin and papery frankincense bark glowing in the sun, and the heart of the tree herself. This oil is distilled with love, by our partner distiller in copper distiller in Southern Oman, in the land of Frankincense. Our Boswellia sacra essential oil is known for the sweet sparkling butterfly spice notes. Threading through this are the resinous piney and fresh crisp green textures. From your lungs through your bloodstream, and into your mind and mood, this oil will calm, smooth, and center you.


Nothing is added to our oils. No preservatives, no isolates, no “enhancers”, no alcohol. 


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Latin name

Boswellia Sacra

Part of plant





Clean, fresh, earthy, woody, floral sparkles

Blends well with

Myrrh, Neroli, Cistus/Rock rose, Rose, Mandarin, Lavender

Method of extraction


Quality reports

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Core Indications

antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, relieves cough, reduces anxiety, balsamic, expectorant, immune enhancer, nervine, sedative, wound healing

6 reviews for Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil, Wild

  1. Anastassiya Sheremetyeva

    This is one of my favorite oils. I love the smell of it and can’t get enough. I had muscle tenderness and inflamed joints. The oil is working and it all is slowly going away. This is a must-have item for me.

  2. Julia Iasan

    Love this oil! As one of the most ancient and healing oils, I love having it on hand. This company is great to purchase from!

  3. sashabaron24 (verified owner)

    Great company to purchase from , fast service,
    Oil helped me with joints pain , My mom started using it as well she loves it. Highly recommended !!!

  4. Natasha Shevchik

    Love this oil.I love the smell and it helped my daughter with cough .Very useful. Thanks to Lena

  5. Lera Goncharov

    Love this frankincense! It’s not potent, smell is so pleasant and it also seeps into the skin sooo nicely! It’s not oily and I actually see a few changes in my face! It’s brighter, softer and glows more. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks now. I will update how my face is after a few months!

  6. tanya (verified owner)

    I like to diffuse this oil when my son has a stuffy nose. it helps him breath better when he’s sleeping.

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