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We offer an in-depth conversation about your health concerns, exploring food as medicine, vitamins & nutrients, herbs, ways to nourish and support you, shifts that can be made in your life and identify where your edges are in terms of what might be holding you back from healing.

We will e-mail a form for you to fill out, ask additional questions and go over all of your concerns in detail.

Our consultations are in person or over the e-mail. Please specify if you’d like an in-person consultation or over the email and we will contact you.

3 reviews for Initial Consultation

  1. Dana K.

    Lena Isayev is great consultant, really cares and listens to your concerns and is extremely knowledgeable and professional . She is very skilled and friendly. She helped me a lot . I absolutely recommend her to everybody !

  2. Alina

    I’m so glad and thankful that I found this company that can help me to find what I need and what really helps❤️
    Thank you Lena for custom made cold sores cream for my baby❤️ It worked great and soothed my baby’s pain. May God Bless you in what you do!🙏🏻❤️

  3. Olga

    Thank you for your consultation! It’s really help me and my daughter to improve our immune systems! Also after consultation I know what to do when my baby and I got sick (how to deal with it in natural way, that really works) ! I’m so glad that I found you.

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