Makeup Remover

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Honest & Pure Makeup Remover gently rinses away makeup, sunblock, and environmental toxins while purifying with calming floral waters and organic oils.


Cornflower Hydrosol*, Jojoba oil*, Almond oil*, Shea Butter*, Glycerin*, Cetearyl Olivate*, Mallow Extract*, Silver Dihydrogen Citrate, Lemon essential oil*.

Directions:Apply to cotton ball or pad, hold the dampened cotton ball over your closed eyelids for a few seconds to loosen makeup. Using gentle, downward strokes, remove the makeup from the upper lid and lashes. For the bottom lashes, gently roll the pad under the lashes to remove remaining makeup. Repeat until the cotton comes up clean. Rinse the skin with warm water.

COSMOS, ECOCERT, EWG approved ingredients. No parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, Propylene Glycol, fragrances or other harmful ingredients.

2 reviews for Makeup Remover

  1. Dana K.

    Just love this makeup remover❤️ Highly recommend!

  2. Alina

    It’s very gentle makeup remover! I love it so much.

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