With cozy sweaters and scarfs, fall is a transitional period that we must fully embrace. As we witness leaves changing colors, trees shedding leaves, autumn invites us inside to enjoy the aromas that can bring back memories and remind us of certain emotions.

In fact, with our sense of smell being 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses, the scents of fall may accompany some of the most vivid memories of our lives. 

Bring back the cozy memories or create your current perfect autumn aromas with our seven favorite fall essential oil blends. In addition to the beautiful aroma, these blends also offer an incredible ability to fight pathogens.

Purifying Rain

4 drops Wild Balsam Fir

3 drops Organic Tea Tree

2 drops Organic Eucalyptus Radiata

1 drop Organic Peppermint

Fall Leaves

3 drops Organic Cinnamon

3 drops Organic Clove

2 drops Organic Pink Grapefruit

2 drops Organic Nutmeg

Fireplace Comfort

5 drops Wild Sacred Frankincense

2 drops Wild Balsam Fir

3 drops Organic Pink Grapefruit


4 drops Organic Clove

3 drops Organic Cinnamon

3 drops Organic Ginger

Pumpkin Spice

4 drops Organic Cinnamon

4 drops Organic Nutmeg

2 drops Organic Clove

Into the Woods

5 drops Wild Sacred Frankincense

3 drops Wild Cedarwood

2 drops Organic Ylang Ylang

Fresh Fall Morning

2 drops Wild Eucalyptus Radiata

3 drops Wild Black Spruce

3 drops Wild Cedarwood

1 drop Wild Cypress

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Written by Lena Isayev, B.A., C.A.

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